Bennett Vitamin C & E Soap

0.19 lb

BENNETT Vitamin C+E Soap Anti-Aging Acne Skin Whitening Natural Extracts

Size: 130g

Skin Whitening with Vitamin E Bennett Soap, Vitamin E, Bennette (orange), C & E formula, also known as herbal soap. Soap is a mixture of vitamins and natural extracts. Such as vitamin E, vitamin C, orange peel extract. And herbal extracts. Properties and how to use the soap. If anyone has a problem with the skin. It is a dark spot. Wrinkles or rough skin. When using Vitamin E soap Bennett will feel. The skin is smooth, white, smooth, smooth, wrinkle-free, and healthy skin looks noticeably better. And with a mixture of vitamins and Natural Extract, It is ideal for people with sensitive skin. And it also helps to deodorize. Protects skin from acne, blemishes, and dark spots as well.

Ingredients: Natural soap, glycerine, vitamin C, orange rind oil, Herbal Oil, Vitamin E