Jam Rice Milk Gluta Collagen Soap

0.19 lb

Jam Rice Milk Gluta Collagen Soap

Size: 65g

Reduce wrinkles, reducing it to eliminate acne, freckles and dark spots and skin whitening cream helps keep skin healthy and soft. Reduce roughness Stimulate the skin gently. Skin soft and smooth dry skin and can even take a bath. To add to the white skin to skin faster and faster when used continuously.

  • Natural Rice Milk Herbal Whitening
  • Moisturizing Soap Helps in eliminating dead skin cells
  • Suitable for Acne, Freckles and Dark spots on skins
  • Has helped many with psoriasis, eczema, and other skin disorders
  • Made from Jasmine Rice extract enriched Vit B and plant extracts
  • Has whitening, lightening and smoothing properties
  • Non-drying formula suitable for all skin types Made from natural 100% natural plant extracts
  • Superior cleansing soap made from the world's best rice from Thailand Refreshing, moisturizing, smoothing, protective
  • High quality Affordable, easy to use Beauty staple of Thais for centuries Suitable for all skin

Milk is 100% soap gentle formula enriched rice milk from grain that is weak. Situated in The growth of 4-5 from a growing range of all six phases of the rice. The grain during this period, the seeds are into rice milk. Since rice is the food was not as full and flour. Then grind the corn, milk, juice, get a real benefit from the grain.

Milk rice Special varieties of rice seed.

In Thailand Can be grown as some areas only grown with meticulous steps.


Ingredients: Natural soap, glycerine, vitamin C, orange rind oil, Herbal Oil, Vitamin E