Sunaree Fermented Fish Sauce

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Size: 350ML per bottle

  • Boiled fermented fish sauce
  • Made from quality ingredients
  • Delicious taste and aroma
  • Add flavour to your meals

Uses: Boiled, fried, or deep-fried dishes, papaya salads and more!

Pickled fish are the soul of northeastern food. Is an important seasoning. Like fish sauce and regional food that we are familiar with Pickled fish have a taste and smell that some people do not like, it will stink. Until cannot eat But for pickled fish Just the smell of the nose And the salivary glands are now different.

There are two types of fermented fish, bran fermented fish, and roasted rice fermented fish. Fermented fish fermented with roasted soft rice bran. For pickled fish with fermented rice Whatever the name is, marinated with roasted rice. Pickled fish aside from papaya salad There are still many northeastern Thai dishes that include fermented fish, such as soup, chilli and chew (all types of northeastern Thai chili dipping dishes), Kanom Jeen, Northeastern curry, such as Om Mok curry.