Tepee Thai Herbal Tea

0.25 lb
$40.49 $45.00

Tapee tea Pain Relief Tea is a best-known ideal drink that may help reduces gout, muscle pain, alleviates pain & aches allergies. ONCE YOU HAVE A TRY, YOU WILL GET ITS BEAUTY.

Quantity: 1 Box( 25 Small tea bags Total per box)
Size: Per Teabag - Net Wet:6 grams/0.22 OZ

  • Jewel vine 20%
  • Sea holly, Thistleplike plant 10%
  • Wolfberry 10%
  • Java tea, Kidney tea plant, Cat's whiskers 20%

Directions: Use 1 bag for each serving. Put it into the cup, pour hot water about 250-350ml and mix & stir for a few seconds. The miracle tea is ready! Also, you can make it a cold beverage. But hot drink will be better for the effect. TASTE: It has a Bitter Taste. It is also recommended to add honey or sugar accordingly for taste adjustments.