Asantee Mangosteen Soap

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Asantee Mangosteen Soap for face whitening

  • A safe face and body lightening soap with natural Mangosteen
  • Reduces dark spots of skin and clears dead cells
  • Gently evens out the skin tone
  • High in Vitamins A, C and E, and AHA

Asantee mangosteen soap provides a whole host of benefits. Mangosteen is known as the queen of Thai fruits and is a proven superfood worldwide containing high levels of Tannia Xanthone. Using this soap results in the elimination of bacteria on the skin and inhibits melanin production leading a fairer complexion, it also has a natural deodorizing effect eliminating sweat and odors from the skin.

Directions to use:
During your daily cleaning routine use the Tamarind soap and scrub the areas well for two to three minutes.
Do the above step twice daily.

At home, the care includes disinfecting/washing twice a day and applying a revitalizing product at night, which is indicated in the consultation.