Shape Instant Diet Coffee with Moringa- Boxed

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Instant coffee extract Moringa is used for gradual weight loss.
Many women tend to lose weight. But to sit on exhausting diets or hard to play sports the possibility is not at all and not always. Therefore, for weight control using some supplements. Coffee extract Moringa is a supplement.

Ingredients: Moringa extract, collagen, Ginseng, Reishi mushroom, cactus, white beans, which have a tonic on the body and necessary for weight loss tonic effect.

Directions: 1 sachet of coffee pour 120 ml hot water, best consumed before meals for 30 minutes two times a day. Drinking coffee on a daily basis. However, remember that coffee is a biologically necessary food supplement, not a prescription, so the best effect of the use will be visible only in case of compliance with a healthy lifestyle and avoid overeating.

Do not take if you are children, pregnant and lactating women, and patients with severe disease.