White Monkey Holding Peach Balm - 6 PACK

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6 PACK - White Monkey Holding Peach - Monkey Balm

  • Sooth skin from mosquito and insect bites
  • Muscle and joint ache relief
  • Clear chest congestion
  • Sooth irritable skin rashes

Monkey Balm is popular throughout Thailand. More commonly known by its nickname in Thailand as Monkey Balm. This balm consists of Camphor, Menthol, and Methyl Salicylate.

Used to increase blood flow through the body, help relieve muscle and joint aches after a long day at work, soothing itchy skin be it from mosquito bites / insect bites or an irritable skin rash and clear chest congestion. Done by rubbing small amounts on the chest. Therefore clearing nasal congestion as well.

Furthermore White Monkey Holding Peach has a pleasant aroma consisting mainly of Menthol. A little bit in some hot water will clear the room of any distasteful odors. Thus keeping the mosquitos and other bugs at bay.