Wuttitham Instant Coffee 32 in 1

1.0 lb
$29.99 $32.99
Size: 20g/sachet
Includes 15 Sachets per bag
Green Recipe (for health lovers)
Healthy coffee with nutrients and 32 types of herbal extracts combined in one to nourish the body to be healthy, suitable for people who love health, put sweeteners instead of sugar Contains a variety of herbal ingredients to help control fat and blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. Help balance the body, nourish the body to be healthy, can drink at any age. Natural extracts have no harmful effects on health.

Black Recipe (Black Coffee)
Arabica coffee mixed with 8 herbs. Clean type. Black coffee type should not miss.
Help nourish the body, reduce blood pressure, diabetes, strengthen the immune system.
Stimulate brain function, slow down aging, balance hormones, nourish the body
No sugar, no creamer Get the full benefits of black coffee and herbs.

White formula (weight control)
White sachet coffee, this formula focuses on weight loss. Premium grade Arabica coffee mixed with 8 herbs.
Control hunger, full for a long time, help excretion, help burn, reduce fat. No matter how much you eat, you can remove it all. No worries.
✅ Put sucralose instead of sugar. People with diabetes can eat it.
✅ Soy creamer no trans fat
✅ Vegetarian can eat. Islam can eat.
💚 does not squeeze the heart, does not press on the nerves, does not tremble

Wuttitham Coffee 32in2 Wuttitham Coffee 32in2 weight loss coffee for good health No creamer and sugar