Zab Mike Thai Sauce

1.0 lb

Nam Pla Ra Pla Dak Asian Thai Lao Food Papaya Salad Plara

Pla ra or Pla Rah is a traditional northeastern Thai and Lao seasoning produced by fermenting fish with rice bran or roasted rice powder and salt fermented in a closed container for at least 6 months. Its flavors are salty and sour. It is used as a side dish for dipping vegetables or eaten with rice.

  • A bottle of Zab Mike Fermented Pickled Fish Juice (Pla ra)

  • No more unpleasant strong smells. With new R&D and technology, you can enjoy READY-TO-USE nam pla ra cooking for all your traditional Asian food such as papaya salad, bamboo curry, spicy minced beef, etc.

  • With careful preparation of Zab Mike, you will always enjoy tasty (Zab) foods and high-quality products from Mike Pirompronat all at the same time.

  • Bring all your friends together with home traditional Asian Thai Lao Cambodian cooking with convenience.